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what a cute kid [Apr. 19th, 2006|04:02 pm]
Godzilla509 [9:41 AM]: You dirty fellow and your talk of "zoomssse." Hehehe. I hope you went to sleep earlier... so you wake up sooner and I don't need to be without you for as long as usual. Hehehe. I hope you're having beautifully sweet dreams. Moop.
Auto response from Evil Spam2 [9:41 AM]: zoomssse
Godzilla509 [12:49 PM]: I just got another order for a slicer ass. teehee
Godzilla509 [1:31 PM]: The crazy lady tricked me.. and I ate a black jelly bean. I thought it was purple. The lies! The deception! The heartbreak of not talking to my one true love for several LONG hours! Oh, what a day..
Godzilla509 [1:38 PM]: I just caught 7 jelly beans in a row in my mouth. Tell me that isn't impressive? Jesus, I'm bored. I'm lucky your still signed on. If I wasn't talking to your away message, I might need to talk to Steve Higgins and hear about how wonderful that annoying girl is. Oh Paco, I think I'm losing my mind without you. I'm so bored. Oh so bored. Oh so very bored.
Godzilla509 [1:47 PM]: Make that 8 jelly beans... 8! My talent is wasted in this cubicle. I should take this on the road with the circus. Barnum and Bailey could use a new act, hmm? Fuck tigers and acrobats... I got jelly beans.
Godzilla509 [2:10 PM]: Paco, Paco Bo Baco... banana fanna fo Faco, Me My Mo Maco... PACO
Godzilla509 [2:10 PM]: Pagean! Pagean, Pagean Bo Bagean banana fanna fo Fagean, Me My Mo Magean.. PAGEAN
Godzilla509 [2:11 PM]: Chuck! Chuck chuck bo buck banana fanna fo.. *gasp*
Godzilla509 [2:11 PM]: I'm so bored.. oh my God. hah
Godzilla509 [2:14 PM]: ..the crazy lady just took her chair from her desk. I don't know where she went. Hmm.. She must be bored too.
Godzilla509 [2:16 PM]: A lot of people are bored today.. HAHA. I have a funny story.. I'll tell you later.
Godzilla509 [2:21 PM]: So, I share a desk with this guy named Randy. He works on another shift so we can work out of the same cube. Well, everyday I come in.. there's a new little toy on the desk. First it was a purple sticky frog, then it was this little purple-haired elf girl, and then now it's a purple robot thing. I'm not complaing, I mean they keep me occupied. But I just don't understand what purpose they serve. Little purple toys.
Godzilla509 [2:26 PM]: You're going to have a novel to read when you get back.
Godzilla509 [2:40 PM]: I had no influence on you, did I? You still went to sleep at some God-awful hour. Punk. sigh.
Godzilla509 [3:53 PM]: If you're not awake yet, goodness gracious... hehe. I'm leaving work. moop
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fuck. [Jan. 13th, 2006|11:24 am]
You Are Not Scary

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?
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(no subject) [Dec. 4th, 2005|07:31 pm]
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